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What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis is a means of moving into a perfectly natural state of mind that people actually experience several times in a day. Have you ever had the experience of driving along the highway and suddenly realizing that you passed your exit several miles back?

Or been so caught up in a book or movie or video game that you don’t even realize that someone has been speaking to you for the past several minutes? THAT is hypnosis. So you see, when a hypnotist induces you into hypnosis they are not asking you to experience anything strange or that you haven’t experienced before.

Can anyone be hypnotized?
Anyone of at least average intelligence, who can follow directions can be hypnotized. Occasionally, a person may need several attempts before actually entering into hypnosis. What causes this? Generally, it’s holding onto a little bit of fear – fear of loss of control. This is actually a misunderstanding as the proper use of hypnosis actually gives you greater control over all aspects of your life.

Will I do something against my will?
When you are hypnotized , you are aware of all suggestions given to you and you will not do anything against your moral or ethical principles. (despite what you may have seen in stage hypnosis shows)

Will I remember everything that happens in hypnosis?
Yes, you will remember everything that happens in hypnosis if that is your desire. Occasionally a person might choose to selectively forget certain facts for a time and then bring them up later when they are more ready.

When should I start Hypnobabies Classes?
Anytime! Some women take classes early in their pregnancy, and practicing Hypnobabies helps them to be relaxed, comfortable and confident for the rest of their pregnancies. Others start later, at 6 or 7 months, when they know they are ready to devote 30-40 minutes daily to practicing.

Can my Birth Partner come to Hypnobabies Class with me?
Yes! We teach the Birth Partner right along with our Hypno-Moms. They learn what hypnosis is, (they experience it in class and get their own Birth Partner’s hypnosis CD, to keep them calm and relaxed about pregnancy and childbirth!), and how to support and help our Hypno-moms during pregnancy, the birthing itself, and even after the baby comes. They participate fully in each class, and with each hypnosis script during practices 3 times each week at home.

Will I be able to move around, and be awake and aware of my body and my baby during my labor,
if I use hypnosis?

Absolutely! Being in Hypnobabies unique “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis” is not like being asleep or detached from the sensations of your baby’s birth. You are awake and aware of everything going on around you, and you experience baby’s every movement. You remain deeply in hypnosis, confident and calm, even while moving and changing positions. Your Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia allows you to experience all the power of childbirth without the discomfort.

How does Hypnosis for Childbirth work?
Short version: Like computer data entry. If you want to create a document to use later, you open one, enter the text and save the contents in a “file”, then give the file a name. Later, when you want to edit that document, you find the file name and open it, add to the document text and save it again. When you are completely finished with your document, you find the file by its name, complete and ready to print out for your use.

In Hypnobabies, our “files” are our medical hypno-anesthesia “scripts” in the form of CD tracks and paper scripts, and all you have to do is listen to them. In doing so, you train your inner mind, just like entering text, what to accept. Each week, you add a little bit of training, just like the text in your document, and your inner mind creates a new belief system about childbirth.

It accepts that the normal birthing sensations you will have when you give birth; pushing, pulling, stretching, pressure sensations, will indeed be there, but without discomfort attached to them. You train your inner mind to accept cues and techniques that will bring you deeper into relaxation and hypnosis, and when you use them on your birthing day, just like printing out your document, they are there for you automatically! Your mind is very powerful and is capable of creating the deepest physical relaxation possible as well as a very comfortable birthing experience. Use it!

Long version: Download our free “What is Childbirth Hypnosis" audio track, with a 20 minute explanation of what hypnosis and Hypnobabies are, and a very special gift – our free “Relax Me” Hypnosis Session, which allows you to actually experience deep relaxation and a very pleasant hypnotic state, as well as learn a special cue that trains you to become calm and relaxed in any situation, a special cue which you can use for the rest of your life!


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